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February 2020
Featured Stein

A Reservist/Occupational Stein Finished by Martin Pauson

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The image above provides a link to the most recent in a series of short articles begun in 1999 as the Stein of the Month. Since that time more than two hundred and thirty articles have been published. Click here to see a visual index of the entire series of articles. There’s every likelihood that one or more of them will immediately grab your interest!

Do you have an interesting stein you could write about? All Featured Stein articles are provided by our members. They don’t need to be scholarly or lengthy, just interesting. Send text and photos by email to the webmaster.

Beer Steins

In keeping with the Featured Stein for February, we point out several articles about this popular area of collecting. The commonly used term for these steins is “Regimentals,” even though collectors include branches of the Imperial military where that term is not technically accurate (perhaps most obviously, the Navy). These steins were purchased by members of the military as souvenirs of their training period, as they returned to civilian life, as Reservists. The last article in this list discusses the Cold War analog to Imperial German Reservist steins. These articles, and more, can be found in the READING area.

Regimental Steins:
A First Glimpse

by Ron Heiligenstein

Understanding Regimental Beer Steins

by Jack Lowenstein

Regimental Beer Steins:
Some General Remarks

by Peter Meinlschmidt

Regimental Beer Steins:
Old or New?

by Mario Pancino

US Military Steins from the Cold War Era

by Norm Paratore



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