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April 2020
Featured Stein

Figures in the Style of Holbein
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The image above provides a link to the most recent in a series of short articles begun in 1999 as the Stein of the Month. Since that time more than two hundred and thirty articles have been published. Click here to see a visual index of the entire series of articles. There’s every likelihood that one or more of them will immediately grab your interest!

Do you have an interesting stein you could write about? All Featured Stein articles are provided by our members. They don’t need to be scholarly or lengthy, just interesting. Send text and photos by email to the webmaster.

Selected Articles from The Reading Room


April means April Fool’s! The primary “fool” known to stein collectors is Till Eulenspiegel. Webster’s Deluxe Unabridged Dictionary identifies Till Eulenspiegel as a 14th Century Brunswick peasant whose pranks and drollness were the subject of widespread tales. Read about his exploits in Till Eulenspiegel, Merry Prankster.

Till makes another appearance on HR stein #436 in the Featured Stein article of Octoer 2005.

Two other pranksters, Max and Moritz were written about in the Featured Stein article of May 2001.

Moritz made a solo appearance as the E. Bohne Sohne character stein in the Featured Stein article of April 2004.

Continuing in a light vein for April, you might enjoy reading a tongue-in-cheek Humorous Look at Terminology.

These articles, and more, can be found in the READING area or in the archives of Featured Stein articles.



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