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Why settle for something less than the intended look and feel of the pewter fittings on your beer steins? I can provide lids and thumblifts, or repair damaged pewter to look like the original, including restoring patina! Pewter repair and restoration is not something for the soldering gun or a pair of pliers. Ask someone who has tried it, and their first words are likely to be "It's not at all easy, you need to know what you're doing." I know old steins, I know what lids and pewter fittings belong with these steins, and I have the supplies, the skills and the knowledge needed to restore your steins. See the examples of my work and the testimonials I have received from some of the most advanced stein collectors in the United States. Give me a call at 508-472-4424 (Eastern time, please), or send an email to David Harr to discuss your needs.

Pewter Repair Services I Offer: I can re-attach your original lid or thumblift to your stein, provide parts from my inventory, straighten or remove dents from pewter fittings, repair or restore your original pewter lid (modeling and casting) and more. I use chemicals to age my pewter repairs, and am usually able to match or reproduce the natural patina, although this cannot be 100% guaranteed. I do not sell parts, molds, chemicals or other supplies for pewter repair.

Silver and silver-plate:The techniques for working with silver and silver-plated fittings are entirely different from working with pewter. Silver repairs must be referred to a silversmith.

Costs: My minimum charge is $35. Please call or send email describing your needs in order to obtain an estimate of total costs. Photo's via email is the best way.

I buy lids! I am always happy to purchase old lids and mounts which I can use in a future repair. I will buy good quality pewter domed or steepled lids, art nouveau shapes, glass or ceramic inlaid lids, figural lids, regimental lids, silver lids... you name it. I am especially interested in acquiring inlaid lids for Mettlach, HR and similar manufacturers.

Measuring for a lid: In order to ensure that I have a lid which will fit your stein, I need to know the outside diameter at the upper rim of the stein. The other dimensions (shank height, etc.) can be adjusted when the lid is attached. For pouring spout steins I will fashion a lip of the right size and position. Caution: Steins which are out-of-round can only be fitted with an oversize lid, and in most cases this will not have a satisfactory appearance.

Shipping: Important: When you ship items to me for repair, please print, complete and include this repair form—it will protect both of us. Shipping instructions are included in this form.

How to pack your steins for shipment: Rule #1 - Before you begin to pack your steins, put your name, address and telephone number on a slip of paper inside each stein! You are responsible for ensuring that your steins are properly packed, insured and arrive without damage. Styrofoam peanuts settle during shipping if they are not packed firmly, and will allow items to move within the box (just think of a bag of broken potato chips!). Box-in-box packing with at least one inch of packing material between the inner and outer boxes provides the most protection. To view an article about packing steins CLICK HERE. When more than one box is included, make sure to place a minimum of one inch of padding between boxes. Shipments which show obvious signs of damage when delivered may be refused. After I open your shipment I will call you to discuss the repair, the estimated cost ($35 minimum) and the expected time to complete the repair. Most repairs can be completed in 3 months or less, depending upon the amount of work I have backlogged.

Terms and Conditions: Let's talk first! In order to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment, please contact me to discuss your items before sending them to me. All shipping and insurance costs will be paid by the requestor/owner.
Payment may be made by personal check or money order. I no longer accept payment by PayPal. I will send you an invoice including shipping and insurance when the repairs are complete. Payment must be receved in full before your repairs are returned.
Limitation of Liability:Internal stress is a natural part of the firing and cooling process, and it is inherent in every glass or ceramic stein to one degree or another. Stress is a force waiting to be released, and occasionally it will result in a fracture when heat is applied. Since heat is a natural part of my restoration work, breakage is always a risk, and it can neither be foreseen nor avoided. I cannot be responsible for damage to glass or ceramic arising solely from the application of heat as part of the repair. This risk must be borne by you, the owner.
Timeliness:I enjoy pewter restoration, and attempt to do all repairs without delay, but I ask my customers to realize that this is not my full time job. Unless your repair is unusually complicated or difficult, it should normally be completed within three to five months.

About me: I've been a stein collector and researcher for twenty plus years, with special interest in character steins and antique glass. I am a member of Stein Collectors International, Die Studenten Prinz Gruppe and the New England Steiners, both local chapters of SCI. I have been a speaker at SCI conventions and numerous chapter meetings. I began doing pewter repairs about twenty years ago after I was disappointed in some repairs done for me. Before starting this venture I consulted with other SCI Master Steinologists, all of whom had done extensive pewter repairs in the past, but are no longer doing so. My objective is to repair or replace the pewter on a stein so that it looks original - even if the stein is 100 years old or older! In addition to the techniques of molding and repair, I have a large inventory of lids and thumblifts which can be used when original pewter has been lost or damaged beyond repair. I have been able to satisfy a large number of stein-collector friends, most of whom are very fussy about their steins, and their praise of my work has been very generous. If you need some pewter work done, I can do it. You will not be disappointed.


Wow! Even better than I had hoped, you are a true craftsman.

Results far surpassed expectations... could not be happier

WOW! Great job!

Absolutely wonderful.

I am very pleased with the repairs. You turned a basket case into a very presentable pewter stein.

Speedy and professional.

Very happy, you're a real artist.

Excellent job.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lids and your terrific pewter work!

Surprised and happy. Magnificent!

Truly a "Pewtermeister"

You're the best!