Dues change announcement

An Important Message from Executive Director, Eric Salzano

Hello SCI members and fellow collectors. I want to give the membership an update of the new dues structure that was adopted at the Chicago convention by the Board of Trustees. The challenge for SCI in recent years has been that the cost of printing and mailing Prosit has increased at the same time our total number of members has fallen, creating unsustainable financial pressure. In short, the existing dues structure, which had not been changed since 2003, had to be adjusted. The other issue which we addressed was offering Prosit electronically, via the SCI website. We were able to accomplish both goals at the most recent Board meeting.

There will now be multiple options for both new and renewing members, and depending on which option you choose, your dues could actually be reduced. The new dues structure will go into effect on March 1, 2018, while the all-digital membership, which we have termed “eProsit,” is available now.

Members who choose an eProsit subscription and forgo a printed copy of Prosit will be able to access and download Prosit from the SCI website, and their annual dues will be reduced. Renewing members can further reduce their dues by renewing for three years. In addition to reducing your cost of membership, an eProsit subscription will allow you to read Prosit on any web-connected device which is capable of reading pdf files. You can also download and save Prosit on your desktop, laptop or tablet, and enjoy full offline portability.

eProsit (digital only) – available now! USA CANADA OVERSEAS
One year subscription, new or renewal $25 $25 $25
Save! 3-year subscription, new or renewal $65 $65 $65

Beginning on March 1, 2018, both new and renewing members who wish to continue to receive a printed copy of Prosit mailed to their home or office will be subject to increased dues rates. These subscribers will also be able to access the online eProsit. The table below shows the new rates.

Prosit (print + digital) – effective March 1  USA CANADA OVERSEAS
 One year subscription, new or renewal $45 $50 $55
 Save! 3-year subscription, new or renewal $125 $135 $145

These two changes offer our members flexibility and choice, while helping to ensure that SCI remains viable from a financial perspective into the future. Personally, I will choose an eProsit subscription. Comparing the three-year eProsit rate to renewing one year at a time at current rates I can save $40, or almost 40%.

The current rates, shown below, will remain in effect only through February 28.

Prosit (print + digital)  USA CANADA OVERSEAS
 One year subscription, new or renewal $35 $40 $45
 Save! 3-year renewal for current subscribers $100 $110 $120


Eric Salzano
Executive Director, SCI