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    My grandfather had this stein when he married my grandmother in 1920. It’s a 1 litre stein with the markings 1784 and 25 stamped into the bottom. There is a hand etched 12 as well. It has the traditional Gesetzlich Geschutzt stamped on the bottom in all capital letters. When I say stamped, I mean embedded into the stoneware.

    The conical pewter lid is not on anymore. But on the tab of the lid, which is still attached is a goat with it’s front hooves on top of a beer barrel. The colored paintings on it look like a festival. There is lettering on each side and a “1784” painted onto the mug under the handle. The handle has no bump.

    The lettering on one side says “Viel besser frahet (can’t really tell if that’s an “f”) jeder bahn.” The other side says “Wenn er die kehle feuchtet an.”

    Any ideas?

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    Bill G

    In the Reading Room, Translations Illustrated explains the text: “Viel besser krähet Hahn wenn er die Kehle feuchtet an” (Every rooster crows much better when he wets his throat.) By your descriptions the #1784 sounds like a mold number, and if the festival is painted (not relief) the #25 might be a decoration number. I can’t find a mold number that would match this, but it only means it hasn’t been “found.” Gesetzlich Geschutzt means that the decoration or design is legally protected.

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    Nick Griffin

    Mold # 1784 is listed in The Beer Stein Library. It is a Marzi & Remy 1 Liter. Comes in two color or full color. Titled there as Gnomes Drinking. Your translation is spot on.

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    Bill G

    Nick, I had seen that but was mentally seeing the “colored paintings” as a transfer, not a relief. You are probably correct. From time to time I forget what it means to assume.

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