2 old steins – Information (PICTURES)

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    After hours of research, I’m giving up and now asking for help. I have seen these types of steins before in the past, but now when I finally own some, I can’t find any information on them. Looking type, year, manufacture, etc. And any Prosit! or other articles that I can read more about them. Pictures below. Thanks in advance, Rob

    2 steins
    Brown 1
    Brown 2
    Brown bottom
    Brown inside
    Brown Top
    White 1
    White 2
    White Close up
    White top
    White inside
    White bottom

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    If you have an interest in early stoneware steins, then you need a copy of Early Stoneware Steins from the Les Paul Collection. Here is a review of the book, http://stein-collectors.org/library/articles/EarlyStoneware/EarlyStoneware.htm. Steveonsteins has an article on modern reproductions. A collector that is an expert on early stoneware stein could give you an idea of the approximate age of your steins and the area where they were produced.

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      Another good book on the subject is German Stoneware 1200-1900 by David Gaimster.

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    Very nice early stoneware steins, most likely westerwald. The cream colored stein is older based on the covered hinge pin. Probably 1820-1860. The other stoneware stein with the hinge exposed is probably a late 1870 – 1910 stein.

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