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    Keith Uglow


    I will be passing through Richmond at some point while the SCI Convention is taking place; would it be possible for me to stop in to view the items for sale without an admission charge or at a reduced rate?



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    Walter Vogdes

    Entry to all convention activities is controlled by badges given to registrants, and you must be a member to register. There are no separate “event” fees, so the answer to your question is “No.”

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    Carolyn Estep

    Thank you Walt for your quick and correct reply. The only thing that is opened to the public is the Ron Fox’s commercial auction.

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      John Piet

      One of the mistakes SCI has made over the years is to make the convention
      a closed party that the average stein collector cannot afford to attend.
      As an SCI member you are also welcome to attend the general meeting on
      Thursday. There are usually some stein sales rooms, other than the auction,
      that are open to the public. If you are in the area it wouldn’t hurt to drop
      by and see the non-private stuff

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