3-Liter Marzi & Remy #288

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    Benjamin Gradler

    I was thrilled to find this stein in one of the old catalogs available on this website. I think the old catalog drawing says that it is 35-centimeters tall, which it certainly could be. I am not sure what year the Marzi & Remi catalog #1 is from, but I am just going to guess that this stein is from around 1900 give or take a few years. Maybe someone else here knows what year it was available. It would also be nice to know what the “V5” mark is on the bottom besides the “288”. Maybe it was an artist, or maybe a year code?

    marzi a

    marzi b

    marzi c

    marzi d

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    Benjamin. Congratulations on finding both your stein as well as the manufacturer information.
    As to your question about the additional “v5” hand inscribed on the base, this type of marking is generally thought to be by the operator doing the molding of these steins. We have no information available on specific individuals.
    If you are not a member you are most welcome to join us.

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      The Marzi & Remy title is Banquet in the Monastery and was designed by “GT,” or Gustav Thinwibel. The Eduard von Gr├╝tzner (1846-1925) is entitled Falstaff and Drunken Monks in Bohemia.

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    if you are a fan of the subjects of your steins I can help with this one. It’s Falstaff with the Bohemian monks by Eduard von Grutzner. Monks, and also Falstaff, were von Grutzner’s favorite themes.

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    Benjamin Gradler

    Thank-you guys! I love the history of these steins and any details about them. I love history in general and have a good time researching anything that comes into my hands.

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