4K symbol instead of 4F

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    Jan Todd

    I am familiar with 4F emblems, and the FFST emblem from Walt Vogdes great article in the SCI library: http://stein-collectors.org/library/articles/4F/4F.html. (And, as a collector of 4F’s I know how rare the FFSt’s are.

    However, I recently came across a photo of a graveside service for the circus strongman Arthur Saxon from the 1920s–and in the back of the group photo is a large flag with 4 K’s on it. They are laid out exactly like the 4F symbol–two on top and two below.
    Since Kraft means strong or strength in German, I’m guessing this may be a symbol for a weightlifting club, but I’d love to know definitively since I’m writing about it for an academic publication.

    I would certainly appreciate any help.

    Jan Todd, Ph.D.
    Director, Stark center for Physical Culture and Sports
    The University of Texas at Austin

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    Thanks for the compliments on my article, written a number of years ago. Although I did not have an illustration, I did mention thet “Weightlifters formed a specialized organization with the motto and values of Kühn, Koernig, Kraftvoll, Kunstvoll (bold, sound, powerful, skillful). Although very uncommon, these words are found on a character stein of barbells (see ECS #111). It’s tempting to think that they also created a 4K symbol, but I’ve never seen one.”

    Since that time I believe I have seen a stein with an actual 4K symbol, constructed just as you would expect, but I can’t recall where it was. Perhaps another visitor will be able to show us a photo.

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    Girmscheid 1227 is a barbell stein that contains that weitght lifter’s motto. If you go to the Reading section, you can access The Beer Stein Library and view that stein in the Girmscheid catalog. Seigmund Klein was a New York City weightlifter that collected 4F and other such steins. He wrote an article in the March 1980 Prosit (page 646-8) that shows a 4K banner. It says there are 4F and FFST (initials of the motto of Ring und Stemm Klubs [wrestiing andd weightlifting clubs]) steins. While he shows the banner for the 4K clubs, he does not mention any steins.

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