A few questions on a few steins

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    How would I go about determining a good price for the steins below? I have checked Ebay, TBSL and past auctions but these steins are not old enough to be in any auctions. One does not have the right lid on it, and one might not even be German. They were steins I picked up in Germany before I knew a whole lot about steins and where I wanted to go. Now my collection has grown with etched steins by J.W. Remy, AJT, and others that I truly enjoy. I now know that these steins are not the most desired but I would still like to sell or trade them at a price that is fair to both parties. Any help on a price range would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for all the help everyone consistently provides on here.
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    If they were my steins, I would start them on ebay at $15-20 and hope for the best. Ideally they might be in the $30-50 range but with “modern” steins it is difficult to assign a stable value…but I guess that could be said of many collectibles.

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    Generally, the best you can hope for on ebay is half the price you paid. You can use that as a guideline. Set the reserve no higher than that and start the bidding lower to attract attention. These should do better than souvenir type steins. Are there any numbers (other than 1377 on the first one) or verses on the steins? Modern Girmscheid steins use the larger mold numbers.


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    The first one only has the numbers, the second one is the 1975 Gerz limited (with a different lid), and the third is Gerz mold 213. I just seen that he Gerz two colored version of 213 sold on Ebay a long time ago for $80. I have never sold anything on Ebay or know a good starting point, so I have been hesitate.

    Thank you for the reply.

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    * Hesitant to do so.

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