Announcing the passing of my grandfather

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    Deanna Clark

    Hello all,
    I have the sad task of letting you know that my beloved grandfather, Ben Lemire Or Terrebonne OR has passed away. He has amassed a considerable collection of lovely steins that his wife now has. She has advanced dementia and at this time needs the money more than the collection. I’m not sure who to contact but I have found lots of PSS letters and communications in my grandfathers home and I thought this would be the best place. I did find a list of appraisals that were made of most of the individual steins along with pictures. We are really looking to get the best value for the collection so it can go towards my grandmothers continued care. Thanks in advance and please call or text if anyone has ideas of how to sell the lot of these. 5033692937

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    Sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I didn’t know him and I am not familiar with his collection. You should contact the two auction companies that specialize in beer steins, The Stein Auction Company and Ron Fox Auctions. They used to be listed in sites of interest, but you can also Google them. Sometimes they will buy collections, but that is the lowest and fastest value you will get. Waiting for it to sell in an auction will take several months. You can also list them in this sites Buy and Sell section, but you will have to ship them to the buyer. Are you close to any of the PSS members to get their advice?

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