Are all Armin Bay Stein's fake?

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    I have an Armin Bay “Limited Edition” Stein i bought on a trip to Germany in 2005. Stamped “Made in Germany” on bottom and also underneath lidv where it also says 95% something but i can’t see what. If i feel for a tourist trap stein, it is what it is, but just curious. I knew Armin Bay had the lawsuit where they were found to be importing Steins but just wondering if they are all like that.

    Photos here:

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    I think instead of “fake” you mean what is the country of manufacture. The Reading section has an article entitled “What is it – German or Chinese?” They weren’t banned from importing them, but rather saying they were made in Germany. Since you bought it in 2005, it was made prior to the ruling. They did not start making steins in Germany after the ruling because a cheap cost was still an issue of importance.

    If you wanted a stein made in Germany, you got taken because they lied to you.

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