Authenticity of Villeroy & Boch Pottery Mark

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    Karen E Check

    Bottom of Stein
    This beer stein is 8-34 in. tall with 1/2 liter capacity. My father came home with this after WWII.
    My questions are as follows:
    1. While I have seen the Villeroy & Boch mark in upper case “VB”, my stein has “Vb” at the bottom where the last letter is lower case. Is this still an authentic piece?
    2. Does the “24” indicate 1924 as the production date?
    3. While “280” is indicated as the model number, I’ve read that Stein Collectors Intl. identified the design number is “678”. But this number is not on my beer stein. Does that affect the value negatively?
    4. What is the meaning of “L6”?
    This is my first communication on this website. I hope everything is complete. Please contact me if you want to peruse more photos.
    Thank you,

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    Your photos did not get posted correctly. I am not aware of Mettlach using the lower case “b.” It could be possible that the upper part of the “B” was rubbed off. Form 280 was a blank form that was used for different Print Under Glaze (PUG) decorations. A number was assigned to the decoration. Go to The Beer Stein Library (Reading Section) and see if Form 280, Decoration number 678 agrees with the design on your stein. If it does, then your decoration number might have been rubbed off. If the design is different, it may be a hand-painted scene or a decoration applied by an outside firm. We would need to see a photo to advise you what the “24” and “L6″numbers are. You should post photos of the stein body as well.

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    Karen Check

    Stein Body FrontStein Body with Handle
    src=”” alt=”Bottom of Stein Photo 3″ />Bottom with Etchings 24 & L6 Photo 4
    1891 Mark Photo 5

    These photos are reposted from 9/12/18 post so I hope “Ubi bene-ibi hygiene” stein can be seen.
    Stein is 8-3/4 in. tall and 1/2 liter.
    1. Again, could the “V” with the lower case “b” (Photo 3) be authentic Villeroy & Boch? I do not see any sort of erosion to indicate the second letter was originally upper case as in other V&B steins.
    2. I have seen this 280 PUG on SCI and it is dated 1898. Is the year in Photo 5 the production year?
    3. What is the significance of the “24” and “L6” in Photo 4?
    4. What is the gestimated value of this piece?

    Thank you,
    Karen Check

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      Your photos are not posting correctly. Go back and read the instructions for posting photos. If your stein is the same one that is shown under Stein Translations and in the Mettlach Catalog (280/678) in The Beer Stein Library, then you have a Mettlach PUG stein even if it does not have the correct markings. The “24” is most likely one of the unknown numbers found on Mettlach steins. The Beer Stein Library has the estimated value ranges in mint conditions. These values are generally found in auctions, the seller’s realized price is about 30% less. Prices on ebay will be on the low side or less. The lack of the necessary marks may be a concern to a collector, but shouldn’t have much of an effect on the price.

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