"Barn Find" Large Silver Plated Stein in St. Louis, MO

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    Hi all, this past fall at the local Octoberfest sponsored by the German Cultural Society, at which we, The St. Louis Gateway Steiner’s had a display booth, one of our favorite dancers presented herself with a large silver plated stein, which she had inherited from a deceased uncle. Of the stein, she knows nothing and was asking of us to please identify and date it.
    None of us present had ever seen or handled a stein such as this, so we looked carefully and took a few photos with our cell phone cameras.

    While it was quite large and heavy, it was of very bold relief, appeared to be silver plated, some 16 or 18 inches tall and appeared to be lined with a bright bronze (perhaps gold plated) interior vessel, suitable as a beverage container. Additionally, the interior vessel appears to have been thru bolted (with nuts) to the bottom of the stein. No name was visible at the time we looked at it, but we did see a “WU1548” painted on the bottom. All of this is clearly visible in the photo’s I have available but do not know how to attach.

    Upon returning home, one of our Steiner’s found a very similar (almost identical) silver plated stein in “The Beer Stein Book” by Gary Kirsner, i.e., “Silver-Plated 18.5” ht., relief, marked Elkington, late 1800’s, with an obsolete valuation.

    After an internet search on my part I found at SCI, Silver-plated Steins: A Brief History by Stephen L. Smith; Stein Marks, Elkington & Co. / Elkington, Mason &Co.; a recent article by Dennis Hunsicker on similar steins in the December 2017 issue of Prosit, (in which he refers to the book “Sächsisches Zinn”).; and Wikipedia, George Richards Elkington.

    From this sketchy information I have concluded that this unmarked stein is by Elkington & Co., vintage un-known, was made by the process of Electrotyping, and with a mold employed made of an existing high value art object, perhaps a precious ivory or pewter stein.

    However, my inquisitive mechanical mind is not satisfied and I should like more detailed information on the Electrotyping and assembly of such a stein and the molds employed, and information on the original Objet d’art that was copied by this silver plated stein.( I could send a photo, but I am not capable of attaching them to this note)

    Might you be able to point me in directions to search, and or provide me with knowledge you might have which would be of interest to me. I have several photos available which I could send via an e-mail, if that would be helpful.

    Thank you, Karl J. Schmitt St. Louis Gateway Steiner’s.

    636-797-4203 targetguy39@hotmail.com 203 Dehner Road, Hillsboro, MO 63050

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    Hello Karl,

    You will need to place a photo on steintalk so we can physically see the stein. To place a photo in steintalk please read the following article. http://stein-collectors.org/how-to-place-photos-in-steintalk/


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