Best way to ship an antique stein

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    I am shipping my original Schultz and Dooley steins from Michigan to Texas and am unsure as to the best way to pack. Should I open the lid and place bubble wrap around it separately or just bubble wrap the entire thing?

    I hesitate to put any packing tap on the steins to keep the lids in place. Also, Schultz has a loose strap, which makes me think it could shift during shipment.

    My plan is to bubble-wrap, place in packing peanuts and ship inside another box, equally protected.

    Does this sound reasonable or is there a better way to do it. I’d hate to have these damaged.

    Thanks in advance,

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    No need to tape the lids or place wrapping under them. If you wrap them well all around with bubble wrap and tape it on tightly the lids will not be able to move.
    Double boxing is certainly best but packing peanuts may not be. You want to make sure that the stein is packed tight and immobilized in it’s box and then make sure that box is immobilized in the middle of the second box. Packing peanuts allow movement. Movement inside the box is the most likely way for the stein to be damaged.


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    Thank you very much Randy.

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