Bierfabrigallon 1873

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    Benjamin Gradler

    Just a guess but maybe “Bierfabrigallon” translates as “fabricating Beer”. I do not know the significance of the “1873” except maybe this stein was made to celebrate the beer made in that year, or maybe it was a specific beer festival? These guys are harvesting plants and have a boiling pot going, so it is likely they are brewing.

    bier a

    bier b

    bier c

    bier d

    bier e

    bier f

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    I think you are correct on the translation. the “ll” would not be two lower case “L”s in text with caps. They are probably a “TI” which makes the German word for fabricate.

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    Benjamin Gradler

    Thanks Howie!

    I don’t know German. I took a look at the various resources that have stein translations but did not find “Bierfabrigation”. That does sound a lot more like “fabricate”.

    Well onto the next mystery. Maybe John McGregor would be interested in this stein since it has a three-ring open hing and a date on it, it could add to his article and research on pewter fittings.

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    Actually, if you look closely at the stein and keep context in mind, you will conclude that it reads “fabrication”. Nice stein.

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      What do you make of the L J as opposed to a plain L? I understand Germany went metric in the 1870’s. Could this be an earlier measure, or did a liter need extra explanation early on?

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