Bought some steins at a flea market. Need help identifying and assessing value.

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    I’ve been interested in steins for awhile and recently picked some up at a local flea market. The man I bought them from insisted several of them were worth several hundred dollars each, and that I’d earn a profit on them if I tried to sell them. I was hoping someone here could help me identify the steins I bought, or maybe give me an idea of how much some of them might be worth, if anything (or point me somewhere that can).

    I took a bunch of photos of them, enough that it’s easier to post an Imgur album link of them than it is to post them all individually.

    Imgur link

    Thanks in advance.

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    For the most part these are newer steins, some of which are damaged. I hope you didn’t pay too much for them. If you are interested in antique steins, you should join SCI and a local chapter. Review this site and auction catalogs to gain as much knowledge as you can before buying.

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    I only paid a couple hundred bucks for them, so no I don’t think I spent too much.

    I’ve been able to find small bits of information on most of these steins through google. Right now the tall pink one with no lid is the one I’m the most curious about, as it’s the only one I haven’t been able to find any info on.

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      There might be a name and number on the bottom. Can you make them out? I didn’t get a hit on the German verse. Can you write out the entire verse? Also the names or words under the three scenes of the cherubs might provide a clue. Could you write them out? The lidless stein does seem to be newer.

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      Unfortunately you paid to much for them. When I first started collecting I did a bunch of book reading and research first. Then around a year later I purchased my first stein. Also, SCI’s website has a lot of information in the reading room. You can also visit the Beer Stein Library. There’s a lot of information in there too. Or you can visit Steinmarks and learn a lot there too.

      SCI does a one type offer of a free digital copy of Prosit, The Beer Stein Magazine. Just send us an email to

      Here’s a link to Prosit.

      Hope this helps,

      I hope this helps,

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