Can anyone tell me about my four steins?

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    I have four pewter topped ceramic steins and would like to know what they are worth.

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    John Piet

    Why don’t you tell us more about your steins first.

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    Is there anyway to post pictures in this blog?

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    John Piet

    Just place your steins anywhere on the Internet, copy the url and paste it here. Only two or three photos are required — the bottom and front an side views showing the text on the stein.

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    Images can be found here Luke's Steins

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      1. is J P Thewalt mold 1492, or possibly J W Remy as they shared molds, Beer Garden Scene.
      2. Marzi & Remy mold 1531 Farewell scene.
      3. Reinhold Hanke mold 1901E, Soldier’s tale.
      4. Adolf Diesinger mold664, Courting Couple.

      All of them can be viewed on The Beer Stein Library where you can get translations and value if they are in mint condition.

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    Thank you

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