Can you ID my stein

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    My in-laws purchased this stein in Heidelberg Germany in 1967. CAn you help me ID it and disclose its value?

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    Sorry I do not know how to upload imagines

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      Lou, your stein was brand new when purchased in a gift shop in 1967. Steins such as this were typically purchased as souvenirs, and began to lose value as soon as the cash register was closed.

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    When posting pictures ensure you post identifying marks as well, If there are any.

    Instructions on how to use SteinTalk:

    If you are having problems posting pictures…. look at other posts and see how they did it.

    Once you post your questions and photos you will have to check back to see if there was a response.

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    I have a stein that was in my parents’ house when I grew up so I know it is at least 75 years old. There appears to be a “1” on the bottom and the words Am Brunnen on the side. I don’t see any other marks, either on the stein or the pewter top.

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      Am Brunnen means at the well or fountain. You need to post photos and start a new thread if you want further assistance.

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    Go to the Beer Stein Library
    In the search box type in Am Brunnen.

    If you are lucky, one of those might be your stein.

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