Carved marked Norwegian Stein

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    Benjamin Gradler

    Found at a local estate sale. The bottom and underside of the lid is marked “HTS”, I am assuming the initials of the person who carved it, is anyone familiar with this carver? There is some information out there on these, but are they still being made? I know the history of this only back 50 years, so it is between 50 to over 100 years old? Google translate helped me with the words on the top, they say “Here you can go for a meal”. I can put the other 1/2 liter stein in the photos inside this and close the lid, so I am guessing it is at least 3 liters capacity. Thank-you for your time….










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    John M. Johnson

    You have a nicely carved Norwegian tankard likely from the early 1800’s. I have a similar one that is also carved with initials. Steins of this nature are not rare but they are uncommon. I recently published an article in Prosit on a Norwegian wooden tankard made for the Danish market. Let me know if you would like a copy of article. Best Regards.

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    Benjamin Gradler

    Thank-you John Johnson for your input. I would not mind taking a look at the article you wrote. Is it something you could send to my email address

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