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    Can we get a heads up to changes proposed (including reasons why) or made to the SCI Web Site? A previous poster (Ken S on 03/09/19) asked what happened to the SteinTalk archives previously available to us. I tried to access the Sites of Interest and now find they have disappeared too.

    P.S. I still can’t post from my desktop computer.

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    If you go to the Reading Rooms, the link to External Sites of Interest is in the top portion of the page, where it has always been.

    Although the old SteinTalk archive files still exist, there is no support nor structure for accessing them. As far as I know, you are the only person who has made any effort to access them, and you should still be able to. HEADS UP – Those old files number in the thousands and they are virtually useless, so one of these days I will delete them entirely.

    As for not being able to post from your desktop, I am posting this from my desktop, and would have no idea how to go about preventing you from doing the same. I have only heard one complaint about this, which makes it most likely that the problem is with your computer.

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      I see where it has now been moved, but it wasn’t always there. If you go to the wayback machine you can see an old page. Clicking on Reading would drop down two pages, Reading Room and Sites of Interest.

      I have used the SteinTalk archives in the past for limited searches and referred others to it. Ken, and I assume there are others, also used it. Success depended on how good the description headings were. By right clicking on the three dots in the upper right you could search for a term on the page.

      I had the posting problem once before that someone was able to correct after several weeks. I don’t need to post every day, I can wait until I get on my laptop.

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    About a month ago I changed the navigation bar across the top of the page to eliminate sub-menu items, because they were not working properly. One result, as you note, is that the link to Sites of Interest was removed, requiring visitors to use the link in the READING room page. A second effect was to remove the link from the navigation bar to go directly to Buy & Sell. To compensate, a link was created within the SteinTalk page to Buy & Sell. I’m not 100% satisfied with this navigation, but adding a totally separate link in the navigation bar is not feasible at this point. I should have done a better job announcing this change.

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    I have found most, but not all, of the archive created for pre-2014 SteinTalk entries, and have placed a link to that material in the READING room under Reference Material.

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