Date this stein?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I cannot find an example of this stein anywhere. Here’s what I think. It is hand thrown, with a thumb lift that came into use c. 1675, and an open three fingered hinge.

    Can anyone tell me more, please?

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    Sorry, Haven’t figured out the pic thing yet

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    Note that the hinge has a shank lifting it up from the handle toward the lid. This style dates the stein to after 1865. Also note that thumblift is not over the hinge but over the lid itself. This old style was used mainly before 1875 when the thumblift became more commonly directly over the hinge. So the stein is probably from around 1870. The lack of a liter mark also points to about 1870 or earlier.

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    Bob Beerstein

    Thank you SEastman,

    It had me totally stumped.

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