Dem Freunde Schutz, dem Feinde Trutz

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    I could get a steins like this:

    Can you tell me if it is copied from it and what should cost such a piece?


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    The Beer Stein Library shows it as Marzi & Remy mold 1547. It lists the fair value in mint condition as $200 to $3000 for the full color version, but add 50% if it is configured as a reservist stein.

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    Thank you Ron…

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      John Piet

      I think Ron meant to say the value was $200-$300. Hope you are not too disappointed.

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    Thanks John…

    Ron is that what you intended?

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      I am afraid John is right, I dropped in an extra zero by mistake. For future reference, when a range is given, the upper range is usually 50% higher than the low range. Sometimes the item doesn’t draw bids because the opening bid has to be 80% of the low bid and a commission is added to the winning bid (which the range includes). Other times, a lot of bidders can drive the price above the upper range (not generally 1500% as I dud). In the meantime, I think it is time for me to enlarge the font size on my computer.

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