Disney movie video with steins

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    Ken S

    I used to be able to find a video made several years ago I believe by the daughter of a collector and I thought it was posted somewhere on this site. I cannot find it, and also cannot find it searching the internet. I want to say it was call Disney Loves Steins and it showed various scenes from many Disney animated movies that had scenes that depicted steins and was set to Ein Prosit. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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    John Piet

    That was one of my favorites on the SCI website. It was in the Show&Tell section which was probably deleted for lack of new input. Here is a LINK to the old page. Hopefully a place for this can be found on the web site.

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    Great find! I was looking for it in the SteinTalk archives.

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    Ken S

    Thanks John! It’s a great video. I remember it was posted on Youtube as well but can no longer find it. Probably too many new Disney related items and I recall it didn’t have huge numbers, so probably a multitude of pages down on any search. Any way to get the address of the Youtube video via the original posting? Or does anyone remember who created it? It should be a lifetime SCI feature!

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    john piet

    Here is a link to the youtube video:

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