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    Brian Bricker

    I recently picked up an unusual beer stein (tankard?) with a thumb lift I have never run into. It is small, has a marking for 4.5 etched into glass.

    Not finding a ton of info about it on the internet, seems scarce.

    The glass itself has the crown SG Sächsische Glasfabrik stamp. It has a bubble pattern which I have found examples of but they all have pretty standard lifters. This one has a Prussian Imperial Eagle wearing a crown for a lifter.

    Anyone familiar with these? Adding some pics.


    Imperial Eagle

    I’m not a huge collector so these may be common and I may just be searching incorrectly.

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    Brian Bricker


    Not sure why images aren’t displaying inline…

    I’ll try with a direct link:


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    The eagle thumblift, with or without the crown, is common on regimental steins, particularly Prussian regiments.

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    John Harrell

    The thumblift is a modern casting but not from an original mold. It lacks the detail of an original. Ron is right about this style thumblift being found on Prussian regimental steins. It looks like a casting from a mold made from an original thumblift. Nice looking glass stein.

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    It’s certainly Sächsische Glasfabrik. Is the marking .45 rather than 4.5? This eagle thumblift is also very common with glass student steins.

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