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    Is it possible to view eProsit articles before 1995? I have found the table of contents dating back to 1965, but no luck on finding the articles.

    Thanks, Rob

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    Login in to your members home page
    then click on the link called
    View articles from past issues of Prosit

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      The eProsit page lists Prosit from 2005-2018. The View Past Articles from Prosit page lists the years 1965-2013, but the years 1990-2004 are missing. When will the missing years be added?

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    Found it….thank you!

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    Ron –

    That has nothing to do with me but I understand it is being worked on.

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    Walter Vogdes

    Recreating printed Prosit content online has been a long project involving scanning pages into jpg form, processing with OCR software, and proofing the result. It’s a labor intensive job for any back issue for which we don’t have all of the digital files used to create the issue. Although early efforts focused on re-creating individual articles, with the advent of eProsit that concept has changed. I am in process of creating an eProsit equivalent for all prior issues, and I expect to make additional years available to members soon.

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      Thanks for the update.

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      richard jezykowski

      What about creating a cd containing issues since 1965 and making it available to members at a cost to generate some funds for SCI? Has there been any progress in obtaining the Beer Stein Library info and making it available to SCI members. It would be a shame to lose such valuable info to the stein collecting community. Thanks for your valuable work and research Richard

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    Regarding the possibility of creating and selling a disk containing all of the eProsit issues, while this sounds tempting, there are a number of reasons why this is not as straightforward or useful as it might seem.

    1. When complete, the total of all file sizes will be approximately 1 GB, too large to fit on a CD, although they would fit on a data DVD.
    2. Using the DVD would require a DVD reader, which some of our members may not have. For some years now laptops have not included any CD/DVD reader as part of the default configuration.
    3. I doubt that many of our members would find it worthwhile to purchase a DVD when they have the ability to access all of these files using a normal internet connection.

    I’ll be happy to be proven wrong on this last point, but I would need to hear from our members on this question.

    As to obtaining and preserving The Beer Stein Library, efforts have been and will continue to be made, but I am not aware of current status.

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    Thanks for your response to my post. Keep up the good work. Richard

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