Faces on mountains stein question

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    Ken S.

    I recently acquired a stein in which the mountains in the background have faces on them. Hikers in the foreground. I’m sure most of you can get a visual on this stein. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to remember though what the faces were referring to. It seems like they could be electors? I’ve tried a brief Google search but don’t find anything. Can anyone comment on what these faces represent and does this stein have a commonly referred to name or nickname?

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    Bill G

    You should pay the small price for membership in The Beer Stein Library. I’ll let you get by again, but it can almost always answer your questions.

    “The Hanke #1264 is called ‘Seven Electors on Lake Walen’. It takes the name from the seven Electors of the Holy Roman Empire, the seven peaks of the Alpine Karf├╝rsteinen (Electors) mountain range lie on the northeast end of Switzerland’s Lake Walen (Walensee).” TBSL tells even more about the Electors.

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