German Masonic Birthday Stein Value?

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    Steven Dennis

    Hi. Inherited this stein and I don’t know if it is authentic. It is not signed anywhere as far as country of origin or maker. Its important to me to know its value. Thank you 🙂German Masonic 1879 Birthday Stein

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    It’s a handsome stein and the date of 1879 on the lid seems right for the body and pewter. I think it was made in the U.S. based on the brown pitch used on the inside of the body. In any event, it is very unlikely that there are enough clues to ever identify the manufacturer, although that is not important in establishing value. To someone interested in the Masons, or to someone who appreciates the plain but strong style, it is probably worth about $100.

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      Steven Dennis

      Thank you Walt! You will make someone very happy. Steven

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