German Steins

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    Hi all! great site! I need some help identifying these guys. My Grandfather brought them back from WWII. They stand 8″ tall and base is 3.75″ Thank you very much in advance!!

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    If you posted your photos some place you don’t have to join, you might get more replies. I don’t belong to Facebook and don’t intend to join it.

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    John Piet

    What you have are two very collectable steins of the German student associations. Your steins are those of Corps Pomerania Greifswald and Corps Hansea Bonn. You can find the dates of your steins (1887,1904) in the inscriptions. You have the start of a very nice stein collection. You can find much information on the student associations in this site’s Reading Room, and can find information on the two corps on the Internet. If you are only interested in selling these steins, I suggest that you repeat this post on the site’s Buy&Sell page with your contact information.

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    Thank you! any idea to the value?

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      John Piet

      Steins as such do not have value. They might have a suggested retail price or an estimate as to what they would bring at auction. Steintalk is not the correct venue for seeking appraisals on steins. For the best estimate on what your steins might bring at auction you should contact the stein auction companies listed in the Sites of Interest page on this site. Now that you know what they are, you can do your own research. TSACO has results of their stein auctions going back several years posted on their web site. One very similar to yours sold for $156 in a recent auction. (Be aware however, that because of fees, the seller probably received less than $100 for the stein.) Your best bet might be to post your steins on this site’s Buy&Sell page and see what kind of offer you get. There are no fees. If some one is willing to pay $156, you would get the entire $156.

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