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    Kendall Young

    Have above & looking to find out more information concerning this item & it’s value please. Has 4 men sitting at a table with possible maiden on it. Bottom has 2 stamps – one of Gerz, W Germany & another with number 31, cannot make out what’s above the number. Also looks like 2L impressed into bottom. Any history that can be provided is welcomed also. Thank you.

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    You need to provide photos if you want help.

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    Kendall Young

    Thanks for responding Ron. I couldn’t download from phone. Will try to get access to a computer and upload. Appreciate the assistance.

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      I could get the photos to open by right clicking on them and opening them in a new window. The central image taken from a painting entitled “Zur Gesundheit” (To Your Health) by Franz von Defregger (1835-1921). I believe this one painting is the most popular one to be found on beer steins. Your stein is a 2,0 Liter (as indicated by the 2L on the bottom of the stein) relief ceramic pouring pitcher. W. Germany indicates it was produced sometime during 1949-1990, most likely the second half of that period. Gerz went out of business sometime after reunification and Domex bought the name, logo and some of the molds.

      These new steins typically don’t sell for more that 1/2 of their original price. You can get an idea of pricing by reviewing ebay completed sales. Relief and newer steins are not high on the list for collectors.

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    Ron – ole man struggling to get these to post! Sorry – is there a email address or another avenue I can send? Thank you.

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    Kendall Young

    Thank you for all the info – very interesting! Sorry for my lack of computer skills.

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