Glass Stein found in France

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    Julia Buesnel

    I am not really a stein collector, although I am passionate about old items. I recently bought a Glass Stein in France where I live as it looked extremely old glass and I decided to find out a bit more about it. I have not yet found anything identical as it seems much older than others I can find. The hinge is closed and resembles 15th/16th century hinges as I understand it. The top is Flat and engraved with a name and number and I suspect it was from a Tavern. On the inside there is a lightly engraved name and what could be a date but it is rubbed. It looks like 16 then theres a Space and a 0. It looks like another number followed but was rubbed out. The glas is irregular with flaws and bubbles, which is what attracted me to it. It has a volume mark although I am not sure what it says. I would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on its origins and in particular its age. You can find pictures by on the shares folder below.
    Many thanks,
    Julia Buesnel

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    Most glass steins are not marked, so it us hard to tell when and where it was made. The name on the lid looks like G F Houtz. The 86 could be a year too. Pewter Fittings Through the Ages (see Reading section) dates a closed three-ring hinge to the 1880s. There are also some articles on glass you might want to read. You might try filling up the stein to the fill line to see if it holds 1 liter or 1 maas (slightly more than a liter). Germany switched to liter in 1871. This is not a notable or valuable piece for a glass stein collector.

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    Julia Buesnel

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate that this is not they type most collectors look for as this is a “working Stein”, rather than an elaborate one (often tourist, gift, commemoration or presentation ware). This was a Stein that was used every day in taverns, and is more historical which appeals to me. The two digit number on the top is not a date but a number. As I understand it regular tavern users had their own Steins stored in the Tavern with their name on and often a number, so it could be retrieved quickly. The reason for my post is actually because it has a FIVE ring closed hinge (not 3 ring) with a shell thumb lift leaning forward over the lid. This is typical of the 16th and 17th century Steins (confirmed in Pewter Fittings Through the Ages and in museum examples), although some more recent steins copied this but tended to have it leaning backwards. The glass is very plain but heavily distorted with air bubbles. I believe it is likely that the engraving was later (late 19th century) but the the stein could have been earlier due to the hinge. Otherwise an earlier hinge may have been used. I have researched all the usual channels. Thank you for your help anyway. 🙂 Julia

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    Julia Buesnel

    I forgot to say that the capacity is approximately 1/2 Litre to the line although I believe this line was added later probably added at a later date when the top engraving was done. The marking could be an m. I think it is older than the 1880s. I am not really worried about the value, I am simply interested to know its true age. It is the social history that interests me not its price

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