Grandfather's Stein Collection

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    Trudy Lupkes

    We are cleaning out my grandparents house and are trying to figure out what to do with my Grandfather’s stein collection. He purchased the majority of them in the 1970’s during trips to Europe. I think most are souvenir type, but some appear to be antique. Grandpa wanted them donated to a museum or other historical place for display. Or should we try to sell them as a lot. There are about 60 of them. Any ideas would be most welcome!

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    John Piet

    Go to the chapters page of this web site and find a chapter in your area. Contact the chapter to see if there is a member in your area that would be willing to look at your steins and give you an idea of how to dispose of them.

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    ted ball

    If your close to St. Louis get in touch with the Gateway Steiners.

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