Grandma's stein collection

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    Sarah McKay

    My grandmother inherited a stein collection from a family member who collected antiques. I believe he was a member of Stein Collectors International. (Perhaps the chapter named Die Golden Gate Zecher.) I took photos of the collection of 15 steins. What would be the best way of figuring out value and finding a buyer? Thank you so much for your help.

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    Your grandmother’s steins are old and they do have value, although in recent years steins have struggled to hold their value, as have all collectibles. Here’s are my initial observations about them. Values are very sensitive to condition, which cannot be adequately determined from these photos.

    1. An attractive relief stein, mfr. unknown, capacity 1 or 1.5L. Value probably $40-60.
    2. Tall blue and white by Royal Bonn. Value $75?
    3. An attractive porcelain relief stein by Gerz, capacity 1 or 1.5L, value probably $40-60.
    4. Blue and white porcelain, Royal Bonnn(?), capacity probably 1/2 L. Windmill scene. Value probably $75?
    5. Relief half-iiter pewter. Value $60-75?
    6. Mettlach #1819, half-liter, Masonic, NO LID. Value without the lid is problematic, perhaps $100?
    7. Marzi & Remy, half-liter, etched with inlay lid. $80-120.
    8. Royal Nippon? Value $80?
    9. Mettlach #2401, half-liter, etched, inlay lid. Don’t know the current market.
    10. HR, etched half-liter, pewter lid. $75-100.
    11. Mettlach #202 half-liter relief, inlaid lid, not familiar with current market.
    12. Mettlach #2204 half-liter, inlaid lid, not familiar with the current market.
    13. Mettlach #2089, etched with inlaid lid, not familiar with current market.
    14. Mettlach #1266, relief with inlaid lid, half-liter, probably less than $100.
    15. Undistinguished relief, mfr. unknown, $15-20.
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    Bill G

    Sarah, Walt is correct that these steins do have value. Most of the value are in #9-14, which could be valued around $1425-1925. Walt is also correct that stein values have struggled. I think it would be difficult to get these prices from one person. If you are still in the San Francisco area, maybe someone in that club could help you sell them. Many of us collectors worry about how our children or grandchildren can get the value of our collections. Auction companies are one way, antique dealers are another, eBay still another but these don’t guarantee the true value. Perhaps you could sell them on the Buy and Sell forum on this site. At any rate I wish you well.

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