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    Pete T.

    I’m not a real collector but have 3 clear glass steins purported to be Biedermeier era, but definitely 1800’s. The glass is clear and very simple with no art, designs, or coloring. Two have no identifying marks on the glass, so are definitely earlier 1800’s. The third has a maker’s mark consisting of a heart (appx 6mm across) surrounded by 18 small dots (following the heart shape), and surmounted by a + or cross (appx 2mm across). The pewterer is Jacob Stühler of Augsburg.
    I’m trying to find the glass maker (and perhaps year of manufacture), and have had no luck finding this maker’s mark on the internet or through a glass expert. Any help or suggestions for further research would be appreciated.

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    I think what you have is a crown with the letters “S” and “G” inside it. There is a cross on the top of the crown. This is the mark of Sächsischen Glasfabrik, one of the few glass makers that used a mark on their products. See http://www.steinmarks.co.uk/pages/pv.asp?p=stein748 for more information.

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    Pete T.

    Thanks for the reply. This is definitely not the crown mark. The heart is just a simple single line about 1/4 mm thick with nothing inside it. I’ve finally got a fairly good photo of it and am trying to figure how to post both that and photos of the stein itself. Unfortunately I don’t have facebook or dropbox to put them in and they can’t be uploaded directly to here.

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