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    Nate Skrzypchak

    I found a few Steins at an estate home that I purchased. I am wondering if anyone can help identify some of them and let me know what the approximate value would be on it. Thanks!“>

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    If you go to the Reading section you will see a listing for Beer Stein Library. That site has a Research section where you can enter a Mold number or a German verse to search for a match. That site lists a range assuming your stein is in mint condition (no damage or repairs). Keep in mind that this price assumes it is sold in a beer stein auction and that price does not go to the seller. The dealer takes about 1/3 of the price, plus there is shipping to the dealer. Sales on ebay will generally be at the lower end or less. The Schnitzelbank song stein is from the modern era and was designed by an American firm. I don’t know which version you have.

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    The Schnitzelbank stein was made for American Bravo Company of California but it was made by an unknown maker in Germany. The red glass one appears to be a modern SCI convention stein.

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      See the April 2017 post by SEastman where I provided additional information on American Bravo Company.

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