Help identify this stein?

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    Looks like a Ceramarte Anhueser-Busch Clydesdale but the horses have white manes and there seems to be European writing.



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    The stein was made by Ceramarte (the “C”) for Kössinger AG (the “Kö”) under the capacity mark. See for more information Kössinger designed the stein for their customers. Since Ceramarte did the Anehuser-Busch steins, it is not surprising that it is very similar.

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    I need help to identify at least 40 year old mugs. Not sure if authentic.

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      You need to start a new thread and post photos to receive help.

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    Larry Moretti

    I am looking to identify the maker of a stein. I know it was designed by Karl Beuler as his initials are inscribed on the side of the stein. I think it is a Girmscheid & I base this on the vine handle that I compared to on another site. It matched exactly. Base only has “GERMANY” & “7” etched into the pottery. It is 14″ tall (no lid) & is green & crème in color. Verse reads “Und sie tranken immer noch eins, ehe sie gingen”. Theme has an Germanic Queen handing a goblet to a warrior. Other are watching, including another man with a crown..perhaps the King. Just wanted to get an idea when it was produced.

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      You should have put this under a new thread because you will quickly forget where you put your question and will have a difficult time finding it.

      This is a Teutonic Wedding stein made by Girmscheid. The green background probably dates it to around WWI since the preferred cobalt blue background was restricted due to the war effort. It came in a number of sizes (15 L, 24 L and 39 L). You may have the 15 L version. It should have a detachable lid. You can see on in the Girmscheid catalog at The Beer Stein Library via the Reading Room. Look up mold X11. While this large version is the same height as the Gerz 32 L stein, it is slightly wider to accommodate 7 more liters.

      Hopefully the webmaster can segregate this thread out so it can easily be referenced by others.

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