Help Identifying a German Pewter stein with matching wall plate

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    wesley king

    I have BMF 94% zinn Stein and matching wall plate, There is a man and woman with a castle or houses and woods in the background, the stein is 7 inches tall and the plate is 9 1/2 inches wide. any help identifying these would help and maybe a value. Thanks.. German stein matching plate

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    wesley king

    stein01stein02stein03stein04plateplate02plate03under stein lidunder stein

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    These are post-WWII souvenirs from Heidelberg, Germany. It is stamped W. Germany, dating it to the period of 1949-1990) probably the second half of that era. It shows the first line of the first verse of a popular poem. “Alt Heidleberg, du feine” (heidelberg, you are so fine), written in 1852 by Joseph Victor von Scheffel. This verse was also incorporated into the “Badnerlied” (Song of the People of Baden) which was the unofficial hymn of the former state of Baden (see Translations Illustrated in the Reading section). The background shows scenes of Heidelberg (the castle and the Old Bridge Gate.

    Its value is probably no more than half its original price. Check out the prices of BMF pewter on ebay.

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