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    Bill McNeil

    I have a beer stein the lid of which is pewter and there is a making on the bottom with the initials “Gr” on the bottom and there appears to be some type of marking next to each letter. There is also a “W” on the bottom but it is in a different area then the “Gr” There is a scene, it looks to be hand painted on the stein, the scene is of a man sitting on an tree stump smoking a pipe and he is looking at a dead deer on the ground. The scene is in the woods and the man is wearing a blue jacket. Any insight????

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    You probably have a stein made by Merkelbach & Wick. Click on Reading and then look under Reference for Basic Marks to view their mark. You will need to post a photo for further help. Is there a mold number on the body or base of the stein?

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      I didn’t see a stein matching your description in any of the M&W catalogs.

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