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    I have found this stein service and I need your help to identify it.
    It seems that it is a german ceramic but no idea about the manufacturer, the region and the period of manufacturing.
    There is the number “188” on the bottom and near the handle.
    There is also on the edge of the glass the information : “0,3 L”
    The height of the carafe is 42 cm
    If this stein service has some value, I would like to sell it.
    Please find attached some pictures
    Stein Pictures Michel

    Best regards

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    Your beer set was made by Marzi & Remy. The master is mold 143, 3,5 L. The drinking steins are mold 188, 0.3 L. Click on the Reading button and then scroll down to The Beer Stein Library. Click on it and you can go to their Marzi & Remy catalog. It lists the steins by mold number and provides translations and estimated values, based on mint condition, for steins sold by stein auction companies. You would have costs to ship it to the auction company plus commissions. You would be lucky to get 2/3 of the estimated value. Steins sold on ebay go at the low end or less for that reason. The best we can say is your stein was made circa 1900. I don’t know how long M&R produced salt-glazed steins, but that might narrow the range even more.

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    Thank you very much Ron
    The information is exactly what I needed.
    I will now try to sell these steins.
    Best regards

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