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    Hi, have an inherited Stein from my german great grandfather.
    His surname is on it and I am going to sell it due to de Covid crisis.
    Need some help about authenticity and exact year.
    Approximate value would also be good to know.

    Thanks in advance


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    This stein is for the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 6th Company, garrisoned in Saargemunde. It is a Bavarian Regiment (lion, white and blue). The Reservist served for two years instead of the normal three, so he was apparently a volunteer or had a special skill which entitled him to a shorter period of service. I have to believe that the photo portrait is of the soldier himself.

    Infantry regimentals are the most common branch of service, and Bavarian the most common of the infantry. Unless I miss something special about the stein, it is not worth a lot of money even in perfect condition, and the highly visible rim chip further detracts from its value.

    Assuming this is indeed a portrait of your great grandfather, I urge you to keep it as a family treasure. It is irreplaceable to you.

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    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    Will try and keep it if possible,but could you tell me an approximate value?

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    I am reluctant to try to place a value on your stein primarily because I do not collect this type. As I mentioned, the chip is pretty distracting, so value will be modest. Other collectors do watch this forum, so perhaps one of them who is interested will venture a value.

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    Michael Benge

    By the time your stein was produced the service time for an infantry regiment had been reduced from three to two years. Many young men never served in the armed forces in the 20th century because of population growth exceeding growth in the number of military units.

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    Bill G

    Michael, I wish to disagree with your statement. In fact MANY young (and old) men did serve in the armed forces in the 20th Century–particularly in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. It’s very possible that this infantry man whose active duty ended in 1905 was called back in 1914.

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