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    Hi, have an inherited Stein from my german great grandfather.
    His surname is on it and I am going to sell it due to de Covid crisis.
    Need some help about authenticity and exact year.
    Approximate value would also be good to know.

    Thanks in advance


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    This stein is for the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 6th Company, garrisoned in Saargemunde. It is a Bavarian Regiment (lion, white and blue). The Reservist served for two years instead of the normal three, so he was apparently a volunteer or had a special skill which entitled him to a shorter period of service. I have to believe that the photo portrait is of the soldier himself.

    Infantry regimentals are the most common branch of service, and Bavarian the most common of the infantry. Unless I miss something special about the stein, it is not worth a lot of money even in perfect condition, and the highly visible rim chip further detracts from its value.

    Assuming this is indeed a portrait of your great grandfather, I urge you to keep it as a family treasure. It is irreplaceable to you.

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    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    Will try and keep it if possible,but could you tell me an approximate value?

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    I am reluctant to try to place a value on your stein primarily because I do not collect this type. As I mentioned, the chip is pretty distracting, so value will be modest. Other collectors do watch this forum, so perhaps one of them who is interested will venture a value.

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