Help to identify a beer stein

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    Richard Masotta

    I have a 20″ tall 4liter German stein which I believe is a Diesinge. I have look in the Adolf Diesinger Catalog and can’t fond one woith the number (1035) stamped on the bottom. This seems to be the only markings. The handle seems consistant with AD78 in the Beer Stein Handle Gallery. Also, the AD1147b stein in the Diesingercatalog is very similar in style but is only 1liter.

    Can you help me in determining if my stein is definitely a Diesinger and what would you say a “mint” condition one would be worth.

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    Richard Masotta
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    Richard Masotta
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    Richard Masotta
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    I would say your stein is a Diesinger, but the mold number looks like 1435 to me. It is not in TBSL catalog either. I did not see it listed in The Diesinger Stein book either. Base on the few 4.0 L Diesinger steins listed (search “4.0L” snd lokk under Diesinger listings) it would be in the range of $300-400 in mint condition in a stein auction catalog. Keep in mind that about 30% of that price would go to the auction company and you would have costs to ship t to them plus listing costs.

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    Do you have any interest in selling the stein?

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    Can anyone help with identifying this stein? The lid and the foot are silver (not plated). There are silver markings on the bottom but no country origin or size marking on the porcelain vessel. The lid itself emerges from the solver top of the stein so when you lift the lid the silver top stays on the stein. I have never seen another like it. Appreciate your help.

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