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    My Grandmother who is 80 is asking about a stein given to her father she is wondering how much this might be worth. She was told it came from Germany. it has a metal top which is a figure of a man with a gun (he looks like a hunter but with a tall black hat). The handle is 2 branches twined together. It stands 19.5 ” tall with the lid. There are a ring of pink flowers around the top of the stein. Also a picture of a woman going in a doorway and above the door fame it says Geisberg with initial GK. On the front, framed are large letters Jm Maien. I believe this to say “in the May”. The other writing is “O Schone Zeit, O sel’ge Zeit,,, Wie liegstdu Fern, Wie liegst du Weit”. Which I believe to be talking about how far away you are. The only thing I could find on the bottom of the stein is 188A GERMANY and 7 “

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    Go to Translations Illustrated under Reading and look under “O” to see your stein and the translation. Are you sure the lid isn’t ceramic with part of it painted silver to look like it is metal? Your figural might be slightly different. The stein should be 2.5 L in capacity. I think your stein is a variation of this stein. You need to post photos.

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      Ron, thank you so much. That is the exact one. Would you have any idea something like that would be worth?

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    Bill G

    Kim, if your stein is in limited color, like the one in the Translations Illustrated, and in mint condition it’s worth $100-150. If it’s in full color it’s worth is about $125-175. This would let your grandmother know that the stein is not extremely valuable.

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      A word of caution. The price range quoted is for beer stein auctions and includes the buyer’s premium and seller’s fee and costs. If you sell it yourself, expect to get the lower range or less. If you have any damage (even hairlines, chips, paint loss or pewter dents), expect the buyer to ask for further discounts.

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