Help with a Faience Stein – Age & Maker?

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    Hi All,

    I believe this faience stein is an older example but could use some help. The hinge appears to have been hand cut into the strap and lid side and the pewter itself appears very old. The bottom is marked with what I believe is a ‘K.3.’

    Please ignore the MBS stamp on the bottom as I am pretty sure that was added much later, possibly by an antiques shop or other seller.

    If you can help with the age and possible factory it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked at tons of marks and photos of Faience, and haven’t located either the base marking or any other exact matches such as the lid / thumblift. Most of the thumblifts tend to be a full ball vs. a half ball and conical shape.

    Of course if you have an estimate on value that is very welcome as well. Thank You!

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