Help with info on this stein

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    I have this Stein and was looking for any info that could be found. From my small amount of research, by the handle it could be a Girmscheid, but I could be wrong. Hopefully my links work.


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    1 L Stein

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    John Piet

    I believe your stein is J.W.Remy #1020 or #1120. I hope this is a LINK to your stein.

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    Looked up that producer and mold and it does look like it. Although the lid looks a little different on the top. But that could have been replaced over the years I guess. Thank you so much for your help. I’d be interested in seeing what it’s value would be, even though I have no plans to sell it.

    JW Remy 1120

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      Mold 1120 is the 1,0 L version and mold 1020 is the 1,5 L version. A lid with a ceramic insert was less expensive than pewter. Today, collectors generally prefer the ceramic insert lids. The mold 1120 stein with a pewter lid in mint condition is listed at $60-80 in The Beer Stein Library. On ebay, it would g0 at the low end of the range or less.

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    Awesome. Thanks for all the help.

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