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    I picked this stein up for $50 not too long ago. It’s interesting because it is similar to the one shown in this article:

    One Event Stein

    In the article it states that this stein is a Merkelbach & Wick #252…and even refers to the hops that are on it just like this one. However, this stein has ‘A 236’ in the body behind the handle. What’s intriguing is that this stein has the same lid as the ‘Special Event’ stein, but has the body of the #252. In the lid it says ‘Oberst s/l Vikari’. I know Oberst is ‘Colonel’ and ‘Vikari’ is the name…but the s/l…meaning ‘Seinem Lieben’ or ‘his dearest’ would imply that this was a gift from a Colonel to his ‘dear’ Vikari. Or was it a gift to a Colonel Vikari?

    The article dates that stein to 1878…so I would guess this stein dates to 1878 – 1880?

    What do you think?

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    While John McGregor’s article refers to the 1/2 L 252 of M&W, that mold is actually a 1L size. I think you can see the difference in the size of 252 (shown in the 1921(?) M&W Catalog on the SCI member only page). The mold 252 has extra plain body on the top and the bottom compared to the special order stein. I think the body of the special order is a 1/2 L stein, which your stein probably is. You can calculate the capacity if you know the inside dimensions of the stein. The M&W catalog on the SCI web site shows a mold 236H. The letters probably represent different versions of text. John speculates that the lid on the special stein might have been made by Bruder Thannhauser. While the original mold might have been made in 1878, it could have been produced anytime thereafter. I think a Colonel presented the stein to his friend.

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    Now that’s the way to post pictures. Great job.

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    Thanks. I’m certain my stein is 1/2 liter. I didn’t see the catalog on our site showing a 236H, but what you says makes sense. Agree with your assessment that this was a gift from ‘The Colonel’ to his subordinate Vikari. Wish I could get a better fix on the date, but thanks.


    Thanks. 🙂

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    Lyn Ayers

    Several manufacturers used letters to denote different sizes of the same basic design, e.g. JW Remy and JP Thewalt for a couple. i have seen M&W steins with letters depicting they are part of a set, but don’t know about different sizes of the same design with M&W.

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      The Beer Stein Libray lists several examples of M&W steins with letters following the mold number. TBSL identifies the letter as representing different versions of text that may appear on that mold number.

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    Lyn Ayers

    Ron, that could very well be true as well. I know that I have a set of 4 etched steins of gnomes by M&W that have numbers and letters on the back like this one. The numbers are all the same, and each design has a different letter.

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