Hi. Could you please help me with a special problem? – Urgent.

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    Hi there!

    I like your site very much and desperately need your help!

    My Uncle’s 103rd birthday is coming up soon and he asked me to get his Stein fixed. I promised him that much.

    I have attached 2 pictures.You can zoom into them for more detail.

    The first one, called Stein bottom Zoom is the shaft that moves up and down to play the music when picked up.

    The second one and the most important, is marked with arrows indicating the spring and stopper that is missing from the Stein.

    The Spring and the Stopper are all that I need to fix it.

    The rod is about 3/4 inches fully extended. The width of the wood bottom is about 3.5 inches. the rod is about 2mm in diameter.

    If you could help me, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Danke, Brian 🙂



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    Check with a local watch repairer. If they can’t do it, they might be able to direct you to somebody that can.

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    @Ron –

    Yes, I already tried that. Nothing available.
    Perhaps I can order a whole new music box? 3.5 inches in width?

    Need a supplier.


    Brian 🙂

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    I would prefer the two simple parts, if possible.
    My Uncle likes the music that came with the Stein.

    I think that I can take a movement and use those parts, if exact. 🙂

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