How to repair steins?

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    Leonid Khmelniker

    I have a small collection of relatively inexpensive steins. One of the shelves they were standing on gave away, and few fell. The steins are fine, but the lids got crooked. I thought of buying lids and do a smoldering myself, but nobody sells them. Any advise of how to repair them is welcomed. The steins are not of the antique quality, so I don’t want to spend lots of money.

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    Without photo it is difficult to give you advice. However, if they are newer and inexpensive, it just may be cheaper to replace them. Check out ebay. Repairing it yourself will be a poor substitute for the original look. There are people capable of repairing pewter, but it is relatively expensive and will never return the stein to its former value.

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    They are nice looking, I feel pity to dispose them. If anyone would know where I could buy lids, I could make repair myself.

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