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    I recently acquired HR #429. The stein has four indents in the base which I assumed to be provision for a music box. The base on my stein is different from the listing photo for this stein on TBSL, and appears to be deeper. By examining the photos on ebay listings I have found that having four indents is not uncommon on the offered HR steins. However, the non-HR steins that I found that have music box bases have three indents. I looked at other manufacturers since HR had a number of suppliers, but could not find any examples on ebay with four indents that were not HR. I wonder now if the four intents serve a different purpose than securing a music box. I would appreciate any insights.

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    By indents do you mean pin holes? I have one HR (#528) with a base designed for a music box, but it has the normal three pin holes. My HR #407 does have the four pin holes. It must be designed for a different type of music box.

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    Thanks Ron. I think what you are seeing on your HR #407 is what I am talking about. Given the era in which these steins were manufactured and its relatively short duration, there may have been no “standard” as such.

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    Three pin holes seems to be the most popular, as far as I can see in my collection. But there is no reason four wouldn’t work. I have not seen or heard of anything else being hidden in the base of a stein. Has anyone else?

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    Thanks SE. I agree with your observations. I wonder if anyone has seen an HR stein with an actual music box present that is secured at four points. Based on my searching of what is listed on ebay, four indents on an HR stein is not a rare phenomenon. If their purpose is for music box mounting, then the provision for such mounting seems to be more common than on steins from other manufacturers.

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