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    Need help IDing this stein. After a few hours of looking, I am now giving up and asking the experts. There are NO markings on the bottom. My guess it’s a Reinhold Merkelbach due to the handle. Or maybe a Marzi & Remy due to the liter mark. I’ve tried searching the library, but I have no idea what this picture depicts. Also, I would like to know how to ID a stein like these when there are no markings. Is the handle the first choice to research? Liter mark? Picture? Saying? Thanks in advance. Rob





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    Liter mark

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    The handle is probably the easiest way. This is a black-handled Marzi & Remy stein. The Beer Stein Library has a list of almost 900 handles. This one is MR3 or picture #30. You can also search the German saying, “Ein froher Gast ist Niemands Last.” (A happy guest is no one’s burden.) Unfortunately, that method did not yield any hits for your stein, although I did find the translation.

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    Lyn Ayers

    Rob, in case you wonder about the fancy figure pictured, check out the article on Landsknechte in the Septermber 2018 issue of Prosit. There is also a DVD on the Landsknechte in the Library for purchase for $5.

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    Ron / Lyn,

    Thanks for the information! I looked up both items that you mentioned. I have a Marzi and Remy stein with a Landsknechts (German soldier) that was hired to serve and protect the land…and he seems to be a happy guest!! He better watch out, that branch is about to break, and then no more happy Landsknechts guest! One last question, any idea of what year or time frame of the stein?

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      Mettlach was the only firm that showed the date of manufacture. The best we can say on your stein is circa 1900.

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    Thanks Ron! I’ll have some more steins in the future for your feedback. I appreciate your comments and everything you do for SCI and their members! Rob

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