ID and Value help: Saltglazed Stoneware King Gambrius Stein

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    Hello, I am not a stein collector and do not know anything about them. The owner of this stein has passed away and I am helping his son go through and sell the estate. I’ve been trying to research this stein, but all the similiar ones I’ve found are on Worth Point and I don’t have an account so I can’t see the value. I THINK this is a Saltglazed Stoneware stein featuring King Gambrinus. Two other individuals featured are labeled Hopfenrank and Die Cerst. The lid looks bronze in color on the outside but pewter on the inside, I’m not sure which it is. The bottom of the stein has what looks like a large thumbprint impression.

    Inside the stein, the owner had placed an cut out article from 1974 about collecting steins. It indeed with a suggestion contact a “fellow collector…through the Stein Collectors International” if you had trouble identifing a stein, which led me here 🙂

    Any help with identifing this or keywords I could use in research or ideas about it’s value would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m not sure how to add pictures here so I made a Google folder. Here’s the link

    Thank you so much!

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    This stein is a hand thrown stein (hence the circular mark on the bottom from using a wire to remove the stein from the wheel). It is in the Regensberg style and could have been made in either the Regensberg area or in the Westerwald region. The lid is pewter. The top of the lid is darker due to being more exposed to the air and resulting in the dark looking patina. The inside looks like someone had to repair where the tang attaches to the lid. This would reduce the value of the stein because it would not be considered in mint condition.

    The side panels feature hops and barley, key ingredients for beer. King Gambrinus straddling a keg is a popular image. So are the side panel scenes. It is not common to see the German verse. I could only find a translation for the verse under King Gambrinus. Long may it live with thanks.
    I couldn’t find a translation for you for the other verses on the side panels.

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      Since the stein is missing a capacity marking, it most likely dates prior to 1870 when Germany adopted the metric system.

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      Hi Ron,

      Thank you SO much. That is all very helpful and informative. Not to mention interesting! It has such a story!

      I know it’s probably hard to say without seeing it in person, but do you possibly have an idea of a good selling price? Or range? Everything similiar I’ve seen on eBay etc so far has sold for largely varying amounts (from $20 to a couple hundred) and I just don’t know where to start.

      I’ll do some more research, though, with the new keywords you’ve given me of the age, being hand thrown, and possible eras and see if I can find a narrower range of comparable items.

      Thank you so much again, I really appreciate your time, knowledge, and help,

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    I don’t know the size and condition of your stein. In addition, I have not seen this type of stein with the verse on your stein. These all impact the value of the stein. The wide price range you cited for these steins reflect these factors in their values. Your stein could be in the upper range, but you do have the one repair I noted. Try looking at past auction results at The Stein Auction Company under Reading.

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      I understand. Pictures are never the same as seeing something in person. Thank you for telling me about the auction site, I will definitely be checking that out.

      Thank you so much again! I appreciate your help greatly. I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

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    Michael Benge

    Sorry, but don’t expect more that a double-digitvalue.

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