Identification of a Stein Can't Determine

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    Dustin Bishop

    I have a stein I am trying to find more information about…and I can’t find any information on from the rabbit hole I have been down. The botom hase Beyer W. Germany handgemalt hand painted in painting on it. Then it also has Beyer W. Germany engraved on the bottom as well. The lid says Bayern on it. Stands about 7 inches tall and has a gentleman on a wagon carrying either logs or barrels and is being pulled by horses. I am new to collecting Steins and a few I have been able to identify but I am scratching my head on this one. I have photos I can send but didn’t see where I can post on the forum.

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    Go to Forums on the top of the page and click on it and then click on About SteinTalk. You will see a link on how to post photos to SteinTalk.

    Your stein is a modern stein made betwwen 1949 and 1999. It probably won’t have much value or be desireable for a collector even in mint condition.

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